Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monâjât Yulchieva

Monâjât Yulchieva - Ferghana Maqam (1994, Uzbekistan)
shashmaqam / uzbek music


  1. Hey... I'm not sure if you're Brazilian, as the people that organized the late Exp Etc Orkut community (and then blog) were, thus commenting in English.

    I just wanted to say that I've been a long time fan of your research. It's safe to say that ExpEtc (and Cagedream, to a certain extent) shaped my musical taste in many ways. I've been off the grid for some time, but came back and looked for the ExpEtc in promptu, only to be redirected here. I'm so glad you're still around.

    Please, don't ever stop researching and sharing. You and whoever does the same. I've always admired the borderline anonimity surrounding these projects, which shows a lack of vanity/profit-driven showmanship that is just GOLDEN nowadays.


    Leo F

  2. thanks a lot for the kind words! i'll do my best to stick around and post as often as i can. i'm from eastern europe, not brazil by the way.

  3. glad you are back--still listening with pleasure to many things posted on the last site. enjoying the new site as well